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Pilgrimage to Dzogchen - Retreat Houses

Before the communist take-over there were several small retreat centres around Pema Tung and in the forest above. One of these overlooked the meadows of Pema Tung. Here retreatants would stay for a minimum of three years, three months and three days.  During this time they practised the Heart Essence of the Dakini teachings. Through these retreats a total of thirteen masters achieved the rainbow body, a sure sign of having attained enlightenment. The blessings of so many enlightened masters makes Dzogchen a very special place indeed.

Original Retreat Centre

Remains of the original retreat centre.

Retreat House 1

The master who lives in this hut has been in retreat for over twenty years.

Retreat House 3
Retreat House 2

Secluded retreat houses

Pema Tung Retreat Houses Winter
retreat house 6

Retreat house above Dzogchen

Newly built retreat houses in Pema Tung

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